Monday, November 3, 2014

An Invitation

I have tried to have a 'less cluttered life' and I find that even in my simple living, life remains too cluttered to keep this blog going on my own. But I still think its an interesting topic to explore.

So here is an open invitation to writers out there who want to post an article about how to hav e a less cluttered life,

Word count = 300-400 words
Pay = Are you serious? I can't afford to pay. But I will try to promote your article as much as possible.
Limitations = No foul language or sexual references.
Arbiter of all things published here = Me. If I don't think it fits, I won't publish it.

Caveat = I am doing this for the first time - sharing a blog. So there may be a few hiccups. But I promise I  will never make claims to any writing not my own. I will make sure people know who exactly wrote it. And its your property forever and ever.

Lets give it a try.

If you're interested, contact me via email ( Give me a few days to respond. As I've said, pretty busy here.



Thursday, May 1, 2014

FOLK and ROCK come together for a good cause!

Don't know if this will post. But this is a video of me doing one of my originals with a rock band behind me. Pretty cool . . . folk singer and a rock band. <smile>

This was during a charity concert event raising money for our local food pantry.



Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Milford Music in the Park announces free summer concert season lineup

Milford Music in the Park announces free summer concert season lineup

So very excited about this. And I have only the greatest admiration and affection for my fellow committee members who worked so hard and diligently (more than me, for sure) on this all winter long!!!!

See you all in the park!